Saturday, 23 May 2009

Walking around

Today it was just BEAUTIFUL! We've had some pretty horrible days lately, but it's got nice for the bank holiday weekend.

So... I decided to out for a walk. I live about 3 minutes from the river, so that's where I headed. Not much in the excitement area, but loads of beautiful scenery.

My favourite, hands down, is the Cathedral. This is a view from the Riverwalk. You can actually see the Castle as well, on the right.

Basically it was all nature, nature, nature. I'm a city girl, but some green every now and then is nice.

Those are all wild flowers! Just amazing. And if you look really close on the last one, you can actually see a bumblebee.

But the highlight of the day was:

a real life Orange Vaquita. How cool is that??

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