Monday, 25 May 2009

Red Asian chicness

The only thing even remotely Asian about the bag is the fabric. Which I found at my local HobbyCraft, and was surprised to see at an extremely cheap price. Look at that, it's just beautiful.

So, to try my newly acquired (mini) sewing machine, I decided to make myself a bag.

And one in red for that. Because I realized a few days ago, that I didn't have any in that colour.

Lining, from a skirt I bought at a charity shop for £1.

Pleats at the front and back, just to add a bit of detail and interest to the bag.

It's a medium sized bag. Here it is comfortably leaning on my laptop, just for size comparison purposes.

I have to say, the sewing machine behaved itself perfectly. It might be small and incredibly cute, but that thing can sew. It's supposed to be only used with light and medium weight fabrics, but at some points it had to go through 10 layers of fabric, and did it with blinking.

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