Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Experiments with paper: how origami is not as easy as I though

I finally found time to try some Origami. I found most simple/beginner diagrams to be extremely horrible, so, I decided to be brave and go for more complicated things. NOT a good idea.

In the end, my almost 5 hours of work did end up with a tangible result (in construction paper, I'm not prepared to ruin pretty expensive paper yet).

Most of my afternoon yesterday was spent folding, unfolding, staring at a diagram, folding again, checking the diagram, noticing my result was nothing like it was supposed to be, unfolding, looking at the diagram again, and folding again. This usually happened two or three time before I finally got it right.

I have to say that I succeeded in all diagrams I tried, except for one. It was supposed to be a rat, and was marked as 'advanced'. The worst part is that I actually got 3/4 of the way, but one of the steps I just can not get at all. I will try it again in a while, when I'm more experienced.

First I tried some classic Origami diagrams:

Then I moved on to Origami with rectangular paper:

In case you are wondering that is a heart bookmark. I haven't tried it yet, but it doesn't look all that useful as a bookmark.

And, the final part of my experimets involved strip folding. The tiny star which almost everyone knows how to do (but I didn't), and another a bit more complex star, which I have to say I'm really proud of.

I'll call myself satisfied with my results for the time being. Next challenge: Modular Origami.

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