Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The results of having a free morning

I decided to visit Canterbury today of Cathedral and Chaucer and Thomas Becket death fame.

I had a few free hours during the morning. It was only half an hour drive to get there from Medway, faster than I thought.

I spent only about 3 hours in the city. I walked around, took photos and ate a huge chocolate-covered doughnut I got at the market.

The city is quite shocking, you get ancient buildings mixed up with large department stores and high street brands. It's a charming place though, and I'll be definitely coming back. I was quite surprised that the entrance fee to the Cathedral was 7.50, I thought it should be on donation or a bit less. You couldn't even get to the gardens without paying! And no decent views from the outside either.

So, some photos. None of the Cathedral though :(

Former king and queen of around the 12th century (can't remember the names now). You can see the city wall, and the top of the Cathedral at the back. That thing can be seem from pretty much everywhere around town.

Really creepy cemetery, right next to the Norman Castle. Most tombstones were quite old, but some were as new as 2005. Some really important historic figures are buried here. I was quite surprised that there were almost no signs to visit the place, I found it only by change when I got lost trying to get to the Castle.

This one is my favourite photo. It's from a window on the 1st floor of the Norman Castle, and it overlooks the insides of the castle itself. It was smaller but in much better condition than I expected.

And if buildings ain't your thing: the Great Stour river, that crosses Canterbury. Not the deepest or widest river around, but with quite a strong current.

All in all, a nice few hours out. I'll have to go back and actually pay to visit the Cathedral.

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